..."Here is a video of my dismount during a Fox Hunt, wearing my Hit Air Vest"

Amanda Mitchell

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March 2015

A rotational fall with a fortunate outcome.

"I have been riding my whole life. I have evented in horse trials for the last 40 years. After hearing the testimonies of several friends, two years ago, I purchased a Hit-Air vest. Unknowingly, that purchase probably helped save me from irreversible injury.

I am a 62 year old woman competing at Preliminary level horse trials. My horse is a seasoned eventer. Horse trials are somewhat like a triathlon. It is mandatory to complete a dressage test, a cross country jumping test and a stadium jumping test over a 2-3 day period. During the cross country phase, it's mandatory to wear protective gear including a protective vest but optional to wear a second Hit-Air type vest over the first.

Thank God, I had both vests on that day. Tragically, on the cross country course, my horse hit a jump and somersaulted over the obstacle. I was pitched forward out of the saddle and landed on my stomach, but, unfortunately, my horse hit the ground and rolled onto my left side. I sustained serious soft tissue crush injuries to my left leg, but it could have been much worse. The doctors at the hospital all stood around my bed in disbelief wondering how I didn't break by back, neck, ribs or more. My husband and I explained to them how the Hit-Air vest worked and we all knew it was because of that vest that I did not sustain more serious injuries. Of course my leg was bruised so badly, the whole thing swelled tremendously and completely turned a dark black and blue. But there was a clear line of demarkation where my air-vest was. Under that vest, there was not a single black and blue mark, no muscle soreness or tightness.....nothing!! Incredible!! Thank-you Hit-Air for creating such a product. Every equestrian should wear one! By the way, my horse is totally fie and I will make a complete recovery too!"

Susan Sullivan

December, 2014

Hello Laura - received the coil strap yesterday. Finally found the photo I was describing...
I had my left hand up because I could feel the vest against the back of my neck (which is a good thing!).
Hadn't really finished my landing though since my right hand had not yet reached the dirt. It was the first time my vest deployed since I've had it. Of course, most of the ladies in the clinic have been wanting me to fall off for that past couple years just to see what happens -- now they're all satisfied. I actually almost maintained my seat even though my mare reared
and bucked almost simultaneously..... I just kind of slithered off because I had lost balance and didn't have a horn to grab. Thanks again.

M. Hill

September, 2014

HitAir Fall

" I wanted to give you an update on my vest. I had an unfortunate incident yesterday and fell off my horse during a training ride. The air vest was incredible. I could feel it deploy about halfway to the ground and I landed on air. No injury, just a little sore from trying to stay on the horse.

My mare was less than thrilled with the sound of the Co2 cartridge. She took off and had to be caught across the farm. The important thing is I was just fine.

I will continue to promote the use of this vest with everyone who will listen. Now I can testify to how well it works!

Here is a picture with the vest, before it deployed…

Lauren Howard

September, 2014

Advantage Vest

"My 12 year old daughter has always grumbled to me about making her wear this vest because no one else was wearing one. When she competed at a horse trial and she said "no one else is using an airbag over these baby jumps" She was at a cross country camp and it was drizzling rain and her horse slipped on an up bank and fell to her knees. This made my daughter fly over her horse, face plant and flipped over onto her back. The crash looked horrific! but when I heard the air bag deploy I felt this calmness that everything was going to be ok. After I assessed her she had a sore nose and fine everywhere else! People asked me about the air bag and what kind it was. They were amazed that she got up and back on her horse. The best part of it all was that my daughter was not sore the next day. I don't think she will complain about wearing the vest again. Thanks again!"

Melinda Cutillo

January, 2014

C. Richard and

Melinda's daughter

"Just to let you know I took the vest this weekend with about 300 people. I was riding my horse at a fast trot and he tripped on a root and fell down and over. I came off the vest went off and I was not in the least bit hurt. It was a great testimonial for the weekend. It will be in the trailblazers newsletter. There are many people interested but I think at times they think about the money. There were a lot of people that should have been wearing one.
Praise God for giving me the fortitude to go forward and purchase 2 along with encouraging many others to get one.

Your Florida Dealer: Ruth Branson
Health Matters, Inc.
Berverly Hills, Florida
February, 2013

"My girlfriend and I have been using the Hit-Air Advantage airbag vest system for nearly a year. Between us we have three Advantage vests, one being a backup or a loaner for guests. We simply will not ride any horse in any situation without wearing our Advantage vest. They are inexpensive insurance, and especially when compared to the costs of equestrian activities and sports - or even worse, injury.
Air-Vest.com sells the 60cc CO2 cartridges at a very affordable price, so as a result, we stock cartridges both at home and at remote locations where we rent horses. We remove the CO2 cartridges to fly and install a cartridge in about ten seconds at our destination.
I have done over 100 rides wearing my Advantage vest and virtually all have been on mountainous and rocky trails in New Mexico.

C. Richard and

C. Richard Compeau, Jr. and "Max"

 Some of these trails are quite dense and overgrown, requiring chaps for protection. The Advantage has held up very well against brush and trees. I believe the Advantage, especially with its optional chest, back, and side protectors, offers protection far beyond that of the eventing vests we used to wear. As a result the Advantage, along with a full set of protective gear, gives us a feeling of safety and confidence that would not otherwise be possible. 
On more than one occasion one of us has forgotten to unhook the safety system on the Advantage and started to dismount. The tension was great enough to alert us to this fact without deploying the vest. We have never accidentally deployed one of our Advantage vests.  A few months ago I was thrown by a rental horse on a mountain trail. The Advantage deployed well before I hit the ground and my neck felt completely immobilized and my back felt protected. Although I could hear the vest deploy the action was not loud enough to frighten the other horses. I was able to get right up and ride the three miles back to the stables. I am quite convinced that I would have been injured, and perhaps seriously, had I not been wearing my Advantage.
The Advantage took a minute or two to deflate after I hit the ground. Unfortunately I fell into some cactus, so as a result I wanted to have the vest inspected. So far I have spoken to the excellent quality and design of the Hit-Air Advantage airbag vest. At this point I would like to commend Air-Vest.com's excellent customer service. After my cactus encounter I contacted Air-Vest.com and they provided a return authorization in less than 24 hours. They inspected the vest and did a test deployment, which they video recorded as verification of performance. They also reset the release mechanism, which I have never done but can be performed by the user using the tool provided. Finally - to my surprise - they shipped the Advantage back to me and there was no charge for their services!
Kudos to Hit-Air for developing and supporting an amazing piece of equestrian protective gear: the Hit-Air Advantage airbag vest!
7 January 2013
C. Richard Compeau, Jr.
Edgewood, NM

"I can walk and continue to ride because I was wearing a Hit-Air air vest when my 18.5 hand, six year old Selle Francais gelding spooked, took off for home and inadvertently threw me against a cement fence. The trauma doctors couldn't understand how I took such a severe fall (point of impact was the area of my right kidney) without any broken ribs or even displaced vertebrae! This was the best investment I've ever made in a piece of horse equipment. Everyone who rides should wear these. Thank you very much for sending it to me!!"

Elizabeth de Lavalette
Versailles, France
October, 2011

"You saved my life. Literally. I had a catastrophic riding accident two years ago where I fractured my skull, broke my C1 in two places, and broke four thoracic vertebrae. Fortunately, all mended well and I'm 100% again. However; doctors ordered absolutely no more riding as I would not be lucky the next time. Did I listen? No. What I did do is order the Hit Air vest (it's the only way my husband would let me on the horse again). The advanced technology and the clear descriptions made me trust in this equipment...I was literally betting my life on it.

Well yesterday, a stupid armadillo decided to run out and under my horse. You can image the results. Yes, I went off. I was lying on the ground watching my mare take off for home when I realized that not only wasn't I dead, but nothing hurt!! I got up, did an internal check, did a happy dance and took off after the horse. Yes, she's fine too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Being able to ride keeps me sane. Being able to ride securely keeps my family sane."

Cidney Kent
Clermont, FL
April 2011

"I have seen the Hit Air bag work to two different times to save riders from being injured in a fall.

I have clients who want to ride cross country, jumping obstacles. I was watching from my own horse as my student cantered toward a jump in a large 100 acre field. He cantered about 50 yards across the field and turned back toward me to jump a practice fence. My horse turned his head as if to walk; I looked down at him and as i turned his head back--I heard an unfamiliar sound. When I looked up, my client was standing on the ground holding his horses empty bridle and;his horse was running across the field bridleless.

Approaching the jump, his horse propped his front legs causing my client to fly off over the top of his horses head. In that instant I had looked down, the fall had happened; the air bag had deployed, and my client was standing and unharmed before I realized what happened. I rode to him, he was laughing and saying "It worked, it worked", talking about his vest. The next day we rode together in this hunter pace. He is wearing his vest in the picture.

The second time I saw the vest work, a client was practicing one-rein stops while riding a hot arab horse. As well as riding english, we integrate other methods. I had other riders in the arena. As I worked with another rider, I head an unfamiliar noise behind me. Another rider said, "ut,oh". I turned my head and saw the arab's rider on the ground. The horse had stumbled, she tipped forward, lost her balance and fell to the ground over the horses shoulder.

In his attempt to not fall with her, the horse stepped on her as well. She had no injuries or bruising where the vest was, but was later had bad bruising on her inner thigh and imprints of the horses foot. The vest protected her body when she fell, and if she had been stepped on where the vest was, there was no bruising or traces of impact. I am recommending these vest to all my clients".

June, 2010

Christine Amber
Research Consultant

"I DID THE VIDEO for the hit-air vest, and I was amazed at how well it works. I am a salesman, not a stuntman, and after 3 takes of me falling off of the horse, I was not hurt at all. The vest protected me so well that I was not sore at all, even the next day. When the tether pulled loose from the vest, it instantly inflated and cushioned my fall. It is also very easy to deflate and return to normal size as all you have to do is unscrew the empty CO2 cartridge and snap down the neck and pelvis supports. I highly recommend this vest for anyone that values their safety and wants the best protection against injury available."  

May, 2006 - Anthony Giacabone

'06 Southeast Account Sales Executive and Classified Sales
Manager & Support for HorseCity.com

Anthony Giacobone