Understanding the group sizes

You'll see that the harness type vests for Hit-Air brand cover a range of sizes or you could also call it a group size. This is because they are adjustable.  At the bottom of the page you'll see in detail the label explanation.

For the airbag jackets the sizing is straight forward. 

For both of them you should take your measurements with your riding clothes on. See below how to take the measurements.

How to take measurementshow-to-take-measurements.png

1) Take the measurements WITH your riding clothes.

2) Measure: Height, Chest, Waist.

3) For Men: the waist is just over the navel.

4) For Women: the waist is FOUR horizontal fingers below the navel.

5) Cross check with the sizing chart provided for the model you have chosen.

6) If the measure falls on the upper limit of one range, choose the next size up.

Sizing labels explained

The vest models called harness type, like the Advantage, SV2, LV, MLV, VHR models are adjustable within a range. The benefit of this is each vest can be adjusted to expand for fitment of the body armour or body protector, different riding clothes or to cinch tighter without.

When reading the label refer only to the bottom of the label "EU, US" as it concerns to the USA and European market. Each group size overlaps into the next larger size. For example, the Medium range goes from S - L (Small to Large), and your measurement fall in the Large part of the range, it will be better for you to select the next range, that is the Large range that goes from L to 3XL.


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