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About Mugen Denko Co., LTD

Mugen Denko, LTD manufacturer of the Hit-air brand of Safety apparel is the world’s oldest manufacturer of airbag safety apparel. Mugen Denko began research and development work on an airbag system in 1995. The airbag jacket was invented and patented by Mr. Kenji Takeuchi. Three years later in 1998, Mugen Denko presented the world’s first airbag jacket for motorcyclists.

The U.S. lags behind Europe in its establishment of legislation that requires standards for all Personal Protective Equipment such as safety apparel. The European Directive on Personal Protective Equipment was made law in 1989. The U.S. still has not established this type of legislation that has been in effect in Europe for more than 20 years!

Under the European Directive on Personal Protective Equipment CEC 1989, any clothing claiming to provide protection from injury must be tested and labeled as complying with the relevant standard. This applies to all safety equipment not just motorcycle apparel.

Under this directive, a product can only be described as "protective" if it provides protection from injury, the term cannot be applied to products that provide protection from weather.

In 1999, Mugen Denko launched its airbag jacket in Europe where the safety standards are the highest in the world. In that same year Mugen Denko supplied some of the top apparel manufacturers’ in Europe with airbag systems, including world famous S P I D I of Italy, I X S of Switzerland and LOUIS of Germany.

These are the among the achievements of Mugen Denko over the almost past two decades:

  • 2000 Awarded Gold Trophy at the "Salon du Cheval" in Paris with the HP model.
  • 2001 Launched the Hit-air jacket.
  • 2003 Supplied the Police Headquarters in Japan with the airbag vests for the motorcycle police.
  • Obtained the CE* Marking approval by the EU for our airbag vest of MC Model. Launched the airbag vest for horse riding.
  • 2004 Supplied the Spanish Police with the airbag vests.
  • 2005 Awarded the highest prize at the JPMS Motorcycle Show in France. Launched the buckle type one-touch connector of increased strength and reliability, jointly developed by YKK and Mugen Denko.
  • 2006 Signed OEM deals with top-brand apparel manufacturers for the supply of airbag jackets and vests. Supplied the Imperial Guard Headquarters with airbag vests for horse riding. Launched smaller and lighter key box (Y-type), jointly developed by YKK and Mugen Denko.
  • 2007 Authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to make a plan to develop the new business field on the basis of multisectoral collaboration.
  • 2008 Introduction JV vest model improved materials. Introduction of the Female Jacket FR and FFE model (this latter one in agreement with European Standards established by FFE: Fédération Française d’Équitation)
  • New testings on Hit Air jackets and vests done by the JARI (Japanese Automobile Research Institute) bring up outstanding and positive results for safety.
  • 2009 S-System: Introduction of an improved key box (a device to activate the airbag system) cutting the deployment time in half. Commissioned the world famous Japanese Automobile Research Institute (JARI) to conduct an Airbag Jacket Deployment Test. Of the 20 tests the fastest deployment speed test T-09* was 120msec.
  • 2010 The H equestrian Airbag was introduced.
  • 2011 New tests on Hit-Air jackets and vests done by the JARI (japanese Automobile Research Institute). Results revealed increased spedd of inflation for the Advantage model 0.09 of a second, and for the SV2-LV-MLV 0.18 of a second. The test results also showed that wearing and airbag protection will reduce the injury below the "serious injury" parameter given by European standards.
  • 2012 A JARI report is done, now on the Hit-Air jackets with outstanding results.
  • 2013 Global introduction of the NECK AIRBAG (stand alone) and the RS-1 motorcycle racing model.
  • The new Motorrad 2 and the mesh version of a top seller motorcycle coat style jacket.
  • 2014 Introduction in the US of the Equestrian Advantage-Kids model, as smaller version of the Advantage Model. Also, introduction of the Advantage-MD model, a version with a zipper on the fron designed for equestrian multi-discipline use and all type of Saddles (English, Western, Endurance, etc.)
  • 2015 Introduction of the EU-5 the ultimate motorcycle jacket, rated best of all in safety as well as design, compared to top longstanding motorcycle jackets.
  • Introduction of the VHR, the motorcycle version of the "H" model (Advantage).
  • 2016 Introduction of the MX7 mesh motorcycle jacket, beautiful design, top seller.
  • 2017 Introduced improvements of the MLV-C equestrian Models (MLV-CM) featuring improved protection behind the keybox of the light weight harness type models.
  • 2018 Introduction of the new MX8 mesh jacket, MV6 motorcycle vest.

 *The CE marking certifies that a product has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements CE stands for " Conformité Européenne".



PEDCO, LLC is a Family Owned and Operated Company!

Virtually all aspects of our business including web design, promotional materials, catalogs, etc are all created in house. We operate our business in the highest ethical and professional manner. We do occasionally make mistakes, but it is never by intent. If we do make a mistake our policy is to never make our customers pay for our mistakes.

We acknowledge that we have been and are blessed by God for all of our successful endeavors.
Prospect Enterprise & Development Company, LLC's (PEDCO, LLC) history began in 1927 when Mr. Rosco Jackson, the father of Rueben Jackson, established a very successful Dry Cleaning business in the back of a barber shop under the name of Prospect Cleaners. He was personally involved in running the business for nearly fifty years. After his death in 1977 the company went into a hiatus. After many years Rueben Jackson re-established the original company's name as a tribute to his father. Mr. Rosco Jackson was born in 1898. Rosco Jackson's parents were most likely alive when Abraham Lincoln was president and probably former slaves.

PEDCO, LLC is an innovative recreational products, design and marketing company. Our primary interests are in cutting edge products for the recreational industry. In 2004 PEDCO, LLC help to launch the Airetronics Airbag Apparel the first airbag apparel that was marketed in the USA. The Airetronics' brand had, among other problems, design flaws and it generally lacked styling that appealed to its target market. Then in February 2006

PEDCO was given the opportunity to launch the Hit-Air airbag apparel in the U.S. market.
The Hit-Air instantly impressed us with its superior airbag design, quality and workmanship and it style which in the USA market is very important. PEDCO, LLC is the only distributor in the USA that had or has all four brands of air-bag safety apparel. We are therefore uniquely qualified to evaluate and recommend which product is the best. In our professional opinion the Hit-Air is superior to all other brands. For this reason we only offer the Hit-Air brand to our customers.

PEDCO, LLC was The First National Wholesale Distributor in the USA for the Hit-air safety apparels products PEDCO, LLC is also the largest distributor in North America.

  • PEDCO, LLC built the first equestrian Hit-Air web site www.air-vest.com (2006)
  • Commission a comprehensive market research for the equestrian market (2006)
  • Employ our own stunt riders for the equestrian market and produce a high quality video (2006)
  • Employ professional models both male and female for high quality sales collateral and brochures (2006)
  • Have the Hit-Air product be a featured story on NBC TV (2008)
  • Introduced new Equestrian Models (LV, SV and SV2) designed specifically for Eventing at ASTM meeting in Atlanta, Georgia November 2009.
  • In 2010 The Advantage™ equestrian Airbag was introduced. The Advantage™ equestrian vest was designed in part by Rueben Jackson, Sharn Wordley and Craig Martin. Mr. Wordley is an Olympian Gold Medalist show jumper from New Zealand and Craig Martin is also an international champion show jumper also from New Zealand. I am proud to call Sharn and Craig my friends. The Advantage™ quickly became a best seller and very popular model for both professional and recreational riders. The Advantage™ equestrian airbag vest a Trade Mark brand name owned by PEDCO, LLC. The Advantage™ as is all of the Hit-air apparel lineup, is manufactured by Mugen Denko, LTD. Japan. It is sold internationally as the "H" model.